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on technology, driving change, and building organizations.


I enjoy building things that need to get big. Whether that is technology or a business, I am interested in how to scale them.

I've been writing code, building products, and mentoring companies on how to innovate, scale, and drive change for as long I can remember. 

I am currently the SVP of Engineering at Foursquare.  Before that, I spent 15 years at AWS and Amazon. 

All opinions are my own.

about me

work history at a glance
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  FourSquare  Advertising | Location | Data Science | Developer Ecosystems

  AWS  Security | Serverless | IoT | Partner Enablement

  Digital  Security | Developers  Alexa 

  Amazon Retail  Supply Chain | Prime Advertising Customer Engagement

Community &

We need to invest more in our communities. I am eager to support events related to diversity and inclusion, technology, and driving change. Please get in touch with me

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